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The UK’s campaign for improving health opportunities

Together we’re shaping a society in which each of us has our best chance of good health and wellbeing, no matter who we are, or where we’re born, work and live.

About Health Equals

1 in 4 |

More than 1 in 4 adolescents living in cold housing are at risk of multiple mental health problems (1 in 20 for those in warm housing).

2 1/2 |

The gap in life expectancy between the country’s richest and poorest areas has grown by almost 2 ½ years over the last 20 years.

32% |

32% of people in the lowest income category report their health as less than good (11% in the highest).

We raise awareness of what shapes health

We influence policymaking and practice



We’re often told that our health is down to a combination of our genes and individual choices, but research has shown that’s only part of the story.

The world around us shapes our health and the wellbeing of society overall – from quality homes that are warm and safe, to stable jobs, clean air, neighbourhoods with green space, and social connections. All of these things impact our health and how long we live.

But these building blocks of health aren’t available to everyone in the same way. Right now, in the UK, things like poverty and poor living conditions are damaging health and wellbeing and cutting lives short.

We’re campaigning to change that; to shape a society where each of us has access to the building blocks of health.



Our health is shaped by the world around us – from good-quality homes, to stable jobs, social connections, and neighbourhoods with green space and clean air. These factors are what we call the building blocks of health and wellbeing. While access to health and social care impacts our health and wellbeing, these building blocks have a far stronger impact.


Who is part of Health Equals?

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